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Hello other time members of Yahoo Answers!!!
I think you are tired of seeing me as asking something about football and this is usually boring.But this is one of the last questions I will do. As you know I was looking for an excellent equipment football.And the people given me a lot of great options, and I want to know if my choose is good.I not care if the equipment is expensive.I only want one resistant, comfortable and the best quality.Please if you see any errors please correct, then tell me if everything is wrong tell me what would be your list of equipment.And please if u can please do me one favor,say me the price of this equipment,the total i need know this.But remember…I not worried about how many i will pay for that (money it isn’t a problem for me), I only want the best Quality of the equipment.
Helmets -Ridell Revolution Speed
Shoulder Pads – Schutt
Cleats – Nike or Under Armor
Socks – Under Armor
Mouthgaurds – Under Armor
Actual footballs – Nike or Wilson
Training clothes – Under Armor
Knee / Thigh Pads – Schutt
Hip / Backbone – Schutt
Girdle (holds all pads) – Under Armor
Pants – Adams USA
Practice Jersey – Under Armor
Gloves – NFL Equipment
Helmet Shields – Under Armor
Chin Strap – Shock Doctor
Help pls.I will give 10 points and 5 stars for the best answer. Thanks for the help
Remember say the total price(USD) of the equipment please.Pls guys,I really need help.
Yes robo I do this question 100 times because nothing help me :/ sorry if im be boring but I want know the price of this equipment for start play this great sport…

Shimano SPD SL SM-SH11 Cleat Set 6

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